Funding advice for home care

You might be asking the following questions – “what sort of care do I need?”, “Am I eligible for funding?”, “How will I manage my budget?”

From our years of experience, and thorough assessment processes, Starcare is one of the homecare providers in Cheshire to be registered to manage ‘personal budgets’, so we can guide you through each stage, and make sure you get the right funding for your circumstances. This might mean linking you up with the right local authority, or managing your awarded budget for you – we can help to break down the barriers and make sure you get the right help and support when you need it.

What next?

Firstly, it’s about getting in touch with the local social services office, to ask for a care evaluation. This will identify the needs of the person you are looking after. Social services then look at a range of information about the individual to help understand their care needs. They will then carry out a financial evaluation to see whether the care-user can afford to self-fund the cost of care. After the evaluation, social services will explain what care is available and what they can offer to you. If they can support, social services will then organise the help for you or the care-user can choose direct payments or a personal budget to purchase their own care.

Managed accounts

What about if you are awarded a personal budget but don’t know where to start? We are one of the home care companies in Chester who can manage personal budgets through the local authority as we have been assessed by social services and they trust us to allocate means-tested funding according to individual service -users needs. You can call us on 01244 313576 for more advice to make sure you get it right.

Putting it simply

  • We will help you work out your budget and requirements for paid care and support
  • You will need to open a bank account solely for the allocated funds
  • We can then manage the account for you, give you a monthly statement to show activity on your account.
  • If the service-users circumstances change and you want to use the care money for different needs i.e. change from help with dressing to shopping time, then let us know and we can make the changes
  • Worry-free budgeting puts you back in control – unique to Starcare.

Why Starcare?

At Starcare we understand that people requiring care and support need the help of a company who can deliver all elements of a comprehensive care package, including advice and enabling the funder to purchase the best services at a competitive price. We want to help you maintain the care of your loved ones in their own home for as long as possible, and we know that you want trust and confidence in your care-provider. To support this, our teams have DBS and identity checks, quality training and we apply for at least 2 references to give you the peace of mind that the carer is the right person to deliver a high level of person-centred care.

Call us for more advice: 01606 212 652 or