• About Starcare
  • About Starcare

Our Mission


Our mission is to become the North West’s most admired privately owned care company through changing the face of ageing and to make a positive difference, everyday enabling our clients to live independent, fulfilling lives within the comfort of their own homes and providing peace of mind to their loved ones.”


Providing the best possible Service User experience
 We believe that providing the best service outcomes and highest quality care in a safe, friendly environment where a patient's dignity is fully respected will provide our service users the best possible experience even in the often difficult circumstances many face. Efficiency in delivering services, we aim to deliver streamlined, accessible services to service users, where it is most convenient to them, with the lowest waiting times, by maximising our operational efficiency and productivity and redesigning service provision. Listening to our customers
Service Users are not our only customers - their relatives, friends, visitors, the General Practitioners who refer them and the bodies that commission our services are important too. By listening to our customers and using their feedback and by working in partnership with our commissioners we will continuously improve the services we provide. People at their best
 Meeting our ambitions for customers rests on our staff - engaging, empowering and recognising our people will make sure they can give their best and continuously drive improvement in the delivery of services.


Our collective promise “Cherishing You” is a reassuring commitment each team member makes to each service user. We can only achieve it by embedding & Living our values every single day. We distilled and identified these ideas in a survey across the entire Starcare Community. Our promise and values guide all of us from the very heart of our business.


Starcare staff builds trust and productive relationships with people s/he supports, co-. workers and others through respectful and clear verbal and written communication - Protecting clients through our commitment to SOVA


We treat every person with respect and dignity, courtesy, we are polite and we listen. We respect clients and staffs, diversity and cultural needs; their privacy, valuing diversity and promoting choice. COMPASSION Compassionate care ties closely with respect and dignity in that individual clients, carers and relatives must be treated with sensitivity and kindness. The business of Starcare extends beyond providing care services and making people feel valued and that their concerns are important to us.


Trust is built on the responsibility given to each decision maker, the delegation of authority, and the belief in the importance of each employee's role in Starcare’s development. It is based on the openness of each individual to his or her professional environment to ensure transparency.


We provide care with kindness and empathy that considers and meets each individual needs, promoting a holistic health care approach that treats the "whole" person, not simply symptoms and condition.


Ensuring service users have the right to be left alone and undisturbed whenever they wish, and where possible to manage their own affairs.


Person-Centred Care is an approach to care that respects and values the uniqueness of the individual, and seeks to maintain, even restore, their individuality. We do this by creating an environment that promotes personal worth and uniqueness, social confidence, respect, truthfulness, independence, engagement and hope.”


Through a rigorous recruitment process, we are able to select the most caring of people, who have a great passion for the service we provide and are aligned to our starcare values. Believing in what we do and going that extra mile.