Continence Care

Understanding why quality continence care is essential for those who need it

For those facing physical challenges in their lives, continence issues can, and do, arise. Knowing how to handle these situations is essential to the physical health of the person involved as well as the hygiene of the surrounding environment. It also affects their emotional and mental health. Having continence care from dedicated professionals who know what they are doing will make a difference.

What is continence care and what does it involve?

Essentially, continence care is related to bodily functions Continence care can be essential to the health, hygiene and safety of the individual. To an individual the loss of continence can be hard to deal with and carers are taught to offer support that can make a real difference to the lives of those they assist. Every case of continence care is a little bit different and as there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, we meet with everyone to identify what is right for them and put a care plan in place to support their needs. which normally take place in the bathroom.

Why continence care is so crucial

Because a loss of continence can sometimes be preventable it is important that we understand how to manage continence issues. Sometimes, a change in how the continence support is scheduled and handled can help someone to achieve a level of continence that they thought wasn’t possible. Also, it is not always inevitable that a loss of continence will continue, as with support we may be able to make their lives much more comfortable. This support also helps to avoid the natural embarrassment which comes with continence issues

Why quality care is essential for those facing incontinence

At Starcare, carers understand that whilst continence issues are quite common, assisting those who are facing them is very personal. Our staff are trained to provide top quality care to those needing help with toileting, catheter care, changing pads, stoma care, skin care and more. We always treat each person needing this type of care with dignity and respect, making sure we maintain as high a quality of life as possible.

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