Dementia Care

Thinking you might need dementia care support?

As we get older, things change – not just physically, but our mental health can be affected as well. When someone in your family is diagnosed with dementia it is a hard time for the family, and you may not be sure where to turn to for the extra help you need. You want to maintain a good quality of life for your loved ones, but maybe don’t have the time or skills to help. This is where Starcare can support. We work with service-users with dementia every day and have the skills to deliver a service to meet your needs.

Challenges facing people with dementia

Dementia primarily affects the mental and emotional state of a person. Whether triggered by an illness or some other cause, we want to help you to manage it in a straight-forward and caring way, helping to maintain the social and physical health of your family member as long as possible. Those with dementia often need help remembering to take medications, they can get confused in their surroundings, or they may need help with their daily personal activities. Our well-trained carers know about these challenges and will help our service-users to maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible.

Different approaches to dementia care

Dementia can be the most difficult illness to understand as symptoms show in different ways in each person. It can sometimes be difficult to tell if someone is acting irrationally or misconceiving a situation due to their dementia. Dementia care specialists know how to read the signs and listen to the advice of doctors so they can help create a care package which is right for an individual. We are there to support, helping our service-users to keep involved in what mattered to them before dementia became a challenge.

Starcare dementia care for your peace of mind

The carers and staff at Starcare are trained to provide the best possible care for those with dementia. Families throughout Chester and Cheshire know that turning to Starcare means their loved ones will be well looked after and we will make life easier, not just for a service-user, but for their families as well. We can make sure that they have help meeting their nutritional needs, support them with activities to keep active, make sure they take their medications on time and help them to maintain contacts.

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