Palliative Care

Learning about palliative care and what makes it essential

Each year in the UK, thousands of people pass away. Support for someone at this time is essential and we believe that how a person dies is really important. not only to the person, but to their family and friends. Making sure this is a caring time, without trauma, is important to us, and good quality palliative care will support you at this difficult time. Understanding individual care needs is important and we work closely with families to make sure we make this happen.

What is palliative care and who can benefit from it?

Put simply, palliative care is looking after someone when they are dying. It is about making someone as comfortable as possible, free from pain and other symptoms and providing them with the best quality end-of-life. In addition, it is making sure that everyone is treated with the highest levels of dignity and respect at all times. You will want to keep their surroundings as familiar as possible and keep family and friends close by as this is important to those in palliative care and the carers will support this.

Why is an end of life care strategy so important?

To be effective, it is important that palliative care is well organised as this will support the person receiving care. It is important that everyone understands the full scope of the illness and that everyone knows the individual wishes of those at the end of life so their last moments are without pain or discomfort – making sure they have full emotional and physical support when needed. It is also important that family and friends know what to expect and are, with support, able to cope with any situations which arise at this difficult time.

How supportive care from Starcare benefits family and patients alike

Starcare is a good choice for this type of care. With our trained carers, we can offer quality palliative care where each person is treated with dignity and respect, making sure the end of life experience is as comfortable and secure as possible. Our quality carers will help at all stages, supporting family and friends as well as providing supportive care to the person needing our care.

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