Personal Care

Why quality personal care matters

Sometimes, due to illness, disability or other circumstances, some support is needed with personal care to maintain a good quality of life. It is not an easy decision to make, but having quality personal care provided by professional carers can be an effective and beneficial choice. With personal care, many of our service-users can continue their lives with dignity and lack of embarrassment. We aim to make sure everyone understands what is involved and also knows how the service you choose will impact on someone’s life. This should give you confidence that the care is being provided in the best possible way.

What is personal care and who can utilise it?

Personal care relates to bodily functions so could involve:

  • Assisting with conditions which affect eating, drinking, personal hygiene, seeing, hearing, communicating or with physical movement
  • Helping with activities like getting dressed or taking medicine
  • It could involve shaving, showering or toileting
  • Helping to get in and out of bed

Most of us take these activities for granted, but for those who need assistance, having a carer on hand who understands not only what to do, but how to do it safely and efficiently, can make a world of difference. In addition, we can also offer emotional support and advice and make sure things are being done correctly.

Why personal care is crucial for those with physical challenges

Often, people needing this type of care have no other choice if they are to be healthy, safe and happy. Quality of life is a top concern for the service-user and their families, and knowing someone is there to help meet these needs can be an assurance that all is well. Physical health can be impacted when someone doesn’t have quality caring and can lead to emotional and mental health issues if not resolved. We understand the scope of these challenges and know how to respond in each different situation to help make life easier.

What makes Starcare’s person-centred care special?

At Starcare all carers are trained so they know not only how to provide good care of the people they look after, but also to understand the conditions people live with. In addition to providing physical and emotional support for those they care for, they can offer quality support to the families. So trust us to provide your family with the best personal care.

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